Community Partners

Community Partners

The Mercy Ministries could not offer such comprehensive primary medical care with such a low operating budget, if it were not for the support of our MANY community partners. Though many of them prefer to go unrecognized for their charitable acts, we are happy to brag on them during “60 Minutes with Mercy” tours of our clinic sites and during community outreach events.

In addition, throughout the last decade, TMM’s patients have benefited from various community partnerships that birthed specific programs to help patients in their wellness journeys. Some of those programs are still in place today and new ones are always on the horizon as our passionate team continues to develop creative solutions to help eliminate health disparities.

Lastly, TMM is a part of local, state and national organizations that purpose to connect charitable organizations with each other and with resources to help them fulfill their missions. These networks are crucial to TMM so that we can ensure no duplication of services is occurring in our service areas, that resources are fully being utilized, and that our clinics are constantly learning from the mistakes and successes of others while supporting and encouraging one another.

Healthcare Partners

We define healthcare partners as businesses and organizations that provide in-kind or low-cost goods and services DIRECTLY TO MERCY PATIENTS. TMM’s local hospitals (Memorial Health- Meadows Hospital, Jeff Davis Hospital and Appling Healthcare) are HUGE healthcare partners that provide low-cost labs, x-rays, access to specialty care and so much more for active TMM patients. In addition, TMM depends on locally-owned pharmacies to partner with Mercy patients to provide discounted drugs for those patients whose medicines cannot be obtained through our in-house prescription assistance program. TMM also has DME companies that help with special medical equipment needs. Other healthcare partners include: independently owned specialty doctors that perform low-cost examinations or procedures for TMM-referred patients.

Appling Healthcare Logo
Appling Healthcare Logo
Memorial Health Meadows Hospital

Healthcare Partnership Program

We define healthcare partnership programs as those patient-centered programs that were created and exist because of a partnership between TMM and an external business or organization. Below is a list of current partnership programs:


  • Eye Care Partnership – For years, TMM has partnered with the Ga. Lions Lighthouse Foundation to help patients get low-cost glasses and special surgeries.
  • Medication Partnership – In 2018, TMM was blessed to begin a partnership with MAP International out of Brunswick, GA and local Rotary clubs to obtain a monthly shipment of free drugs for diabetic, high blood pressure and asthmatic patients.
  • Specialty Care via Telemedicine Partnership – Since the beginning, TMM patients have been fortunate to benefit from many of Meadows Health’s Community Wellness Department grant-funded programs for indigent patients. One of the programs that is still in place is a partnership with multiple specialists (endocrinology, neurology and psychiatry) that will see Mercy patients for a discounted rate via telemedicine equipment. Mercy patients come to the clinic like normal but then see the specialty doctor (located in another part of the state) over the computer. Our Global Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) system allows for specialty connections for Endocrinology, Neurology, and Mental Health Services. Plans continue to expand specialty care using telehealth technology in the future.

Business Partners

We define business partners as those businesses that donate goods and services to The Mercy Ministries for operations (i.e. paper products, office equipment, cleaning supplies, etc.). These business partners help TMM keep our maintenance, technology and office supply expenses low.

Network Partners

Southeast Georgia Regional Community Network – As a local leader for increasing access to health care in Toombs County, TMM partnered with Meadows Health to create this regional network that focuses on creating access to care for citizens of Toombs, Treutlen, and Montgomery counties for an empowered and healthy community.

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Georgia Charitable Care Network – This network of approximately 70+ free and charitable medical clinics in Georgia. exists to strengthen the state’s health care safety net by empowering organizations that serve vulnerable populations. (

Volunteers in Medicine Alliance – This alliance of free medical clinics across the nation is supported by the National Volunteers in Medicine organization, which exists to “guide the development of a free clinic network one community at a time.” (