New Patient Application

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk into a clinic site and be seen immediately?

No. The Mercy Ministries’ campuses are not walk-in clinics; you have to apply to be a patient and then you get an appointment. However, if you come to the clinic to apply to be a patient and it is obvious that you need immediate care, we will do our best to work you in for an acute visit that day. In addition, if you are referred to a TMM clinic directly from a hospital or another physician, we will get you in within a week of the referral.

Who qualifies to become a patient?

There are the requirements to be a patient:

  • Uninsured – You must have no health insurance through your job or a private insurance company and must not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Low-Income – When comparing the number of people living in your household and the amount of money that is brought into your household, you must be 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or below. (See chart below for more details.)
  • Chronic Disease – You must have a chronic (lasting more than 3 months) disease or on-going medical issue that needs to be managed by a primary care provider every 3-6 months. Examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, heart disease, lung disease, etc. If you are uncertain whether you have a chronic disease or not, please apply anyway and list any symptoms you have (i.e. sudden weight loss or weight gain, dizziness, numbing in the limbs, unusual pain, labored breathing, etc.)



For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,540 for each additional person.
1 $12,880
2 $17,420
3 $21,960
4 $26,500
5 $31,040
6 $35,580
7 $40,120
8 $44,660
Do you see children?


No, TMM’s clinic providers are not trained in pediatric care. We are designed to serve adults ages 19-64 that fall in the insurance gap and can’t afford health insurance and don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Most children 18 and under are eligible for some type of state-sponsored health insurance like Peachcare.

Can TMM help control my pain?

 No. TMM does not prescribe any narcotics or manage any pain medications. Unfortunately, we have very little resources for someone who has chronic back pain, joint pain, etc. Sometimes we can get Mercy patients referred to an orthopedist at a low cost and the orthopedist will order a surgical procedure or physical therapy that can be paid for under indigent care, but this happens on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the generosity of our community partners and the severity of the patient’s issue.

Does TMM help with medicine? What about medical supplies?

Yes! We have a wonderful medication assistance program (M.A.P.) inside the clinic that helps our patients get prescriptions for free directly from pharmaceutical companies or at a significantly reduced cost from one of our local pharmacy partners. We also provide diabetes test strips, meters, and needles for free for diabetic patients. In addition, we have other medical supplies that are donated by healthcare partners that we are able to give away on an as-needed basis.

Does TMM have any resources for medical equipment?

We have community members that frequently donate gently used walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc. that we are able to re-gift to Mercy patients in need. However, these used pieces of medical equipment are received “as-is” and TMM is not responsible for any harm they may cause to the patient nor are we responsible for fixing them if they break. Other equipment like portable oxygen machines and such have to be prescribed by a provider and purchased by the patient at a local DME company. However, TMM has relationships with several local DME companies and can help negotiate a discounted price for our patients.

What other services are offered at TMM besides medical care?

TMM believes in a “full circle of health” model of care. We understand that body, mind, and spirit are all connected and so we strive to offer services that help the WHOLE person get on the path to wellness. Please click here for a full list of our services.

What about lab work? How is that done?

TMM clinics have the capability to do some labs in house like flu and strep tests and urine screens for UTI or kidney function. However, TMM does not draw blood or do any bloodwork at its clinic sites. Labs are ordered by our provider and the patient is responsible for going to the designated lab partner to get the bloodwork completed. Most basic labs are free to Mercy patients, but non-routine labs may cost. You will be told in advance if there is to be a charge.

Does Mercy refer its patients to specialists?

Yes, TMM has worked very hard to develop a network of specialty care physicians that are willing to partner with Mercy patients to see them in person or via telemedicine for a low cost (usually the patient only pays $25 per visit). Some of those specialists include gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, and optometry. When TMM refers you to a specialist, we give you a Mercy certificate to take with you to your specialty appointment verifying that you are an active Mercy patient and are eligible for the discounted rate. However, any labs, scans, procedures, etc. that the specialist orders for you will not be covered by Mercy. It is the patient’s responsibility to apply for indigent care funds or work out a payment plan with the specialist’s office BEFORE the labs/scans/procedures are performed.

I have health insurance but not dental insurance, can I apply just for the Mercy Dental Program?

Unfortunately, the dental program is only open to active Mercy Medical patients that DO NOT have health insurance or dental insurance. This is simply because we do not have enough staff or volunteer dentists to be able to accept additional patients just for dental care. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to do so!

What services does your dental program offer?

TMM’s dental program is designed to:

  1. Alleviate pain
  2. Rid mouth of infection
  3. Identify oral abnormalities & potential resources for treatment
  4. Identify & treat gum/periodontal disease
  5. Educate patients on good oral hygiene practices

In accordance with these goals, we offer the following dental services:

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • X-Rays (PAN, periapical)
  • Cleanings (Prophy, SRP, Debridement, Perio)
  • Extractions
Why do I have to apply for Medicaid when I know I don’t qualify?

First, we require our patients to apply for Medicaid to make sure you are uninsured and aren’t eligible for state health insurance through Ga’s Medicaid program(s). Second, most of the prescription assistance programs that help our patients get free medicines, require a MEDICAID DENIAL LETTER. Click this link to apply for Medicaid online: or visit your nearest DFCS office.

Gail : “I can say I am here (Earth) because of Mercy!”

Kedrick : “For awhile my health was bad; I was feeling lots of pain and having lots of sleepless nights. And when I thought it was all over, God made a way and sent me you all. You (Mercy) has made a huge difference in my life. I feel so much better; I’m eating better; my body just feels great, and I thank you all.”