Our Services

Medical Services

(Available to Active Mercy Medical Patients)
Primary Medical Care (PCP)

Our providers are general practitioners with over 80 years experience in medicine with expansive knowledge of chronic disease management. TMM acts as a patient’s medical home or PCP (primary care provider).

Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

TMM works with over 20 pharmaceutical companies, 2 national non-profits, and 3 locally owned pharmacies to provide millions of dollars of medicines to our patients each year at little or no cost. A lot of the prescribed medications are distributed at our clinics via the MAP room.
(*We do not prescribe narcotics or keep any on our shelves.).

Specialty Care Referrals

Working with our local hospital systems and independently owned physician practices, TMM has developed a network of specialty care providers (i.e. Cardiology, OB/GYN, etc.) that have agreed to see active Mercy patients at a reduced rate.

Specialty Care via Telemedicine

In partnership with Meadows Health, TMM has agreements in place with some specialty care doctors that are not available in the surrounding areas. Patients can be referred to see one of these specialists at our clinic over video chat with electronic instruments! Our Global Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) system allows for specialty connections for Endocrinology, Neurology, and Mental Health Services. Plans continue to expand specialty care using telehealth technology in the future.

Health Education Classes

Education is a HUGE part of successfully managing any chronic disease! At TMM we offer diabetes education, smoking cessation, heart health and healthy lifestyle classes. These classes are fun, informational and help patients build a support group to encourage them on their journey to wellness!

Dental Services

(Available to Active Mercy Medical Patients)
Dental Hygiene Services

Our staff hygienist cleans teeth, teaches about how to stop gum disease and works with Mercy patients to improve their oral health.(*Available to active Mercy Medical patients only.)

Tooth Extractions

We have a team of volunteer dentists that each come to the clinic once a month to examine patients and extract teeth that are causing pain and infection. (*Available to active Mercy medical patients only.)

Mental/Ministry Services

(Available to Active Mercy Medical Patients)
Mental Health Counseling

Right thinking is half the battle when it comes to taking control of one’s health! TMM currently has 2 volunteer licensed family counselors that help patients “process forward” what’s going on in their minds and hearts to improve mental health.

Pastoral Care

TMM has a Christian pastor on staff that is available for prayer and Biblical counseling. In addition, he helps patients find resources (i.e Bibles, Christian literature, etc.) to assist in their faith journey.


We start each clinic day with scripture reading at prayer at 8:30 a.m. ALL are welcome to join us. In addition, all TMM staff members are willing to pray with patients as requested.

Faith and Finance Program

(Available to Anyone)
Faith & Finance Program

Open to the community, TMM offers a Biblically-based, 8-session financial management class for $20/person. Each session includes a meal, a group discussion on a specific financial topic and a practical teaching. Participants finish the class with a written budget, short-term and long-term savings goals and an emergency fund. This class is beneficial for ANY and EVERYBODY!